Four Tips for Tyre Maintenance & Storage

Cars on the market are increasingly technological and equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. But for how much technology they can feature, road safety is always a matter of tyres . For this they must be of quality, in the first instance, and subjected to a careful and constant maintenance. According to a European survey, 85.7% of road accidents in European countries were preceded by a slowdown . If the correct functioning of the braking system is essential, it is extremely important that the tyre conditions are optimal. Otherwise, the chances of a claim increase. But it is not just a matter of safety: regular maintenance will increase the life of your tyres, thus guaranteeing savings over time.

Here are 4 simple tips to keep the tyres of your car in good shape .


The maintenance of the tyre starts with checking the tread , whose thickness must never go below 1.6 mm . Below this threshold, the tread grip is no longer optimal (therefore the braking distance is longer) and can increase aquaplaning in the event of rain.When the tyre reaches this thickness, it must be replaced immediately with a newer model.


Pressure is another factor that must be monitored every month to protect the tyres from premature wear. Inadequate pressure, too high or too low, can damage the tyres and even be the first indicator of millimeter punctures .

Additionally, it increases fuel consumption (when the pressure is low) and reduces the life of the tyres (if too high).

When checking monthly, it is recommended to check the status of the spare wheel too.


Another important aspect for the life of the tyres is a correct balancing .

This operation must be performed every time one or more tyres are replaced. Otherwise, vibrations and stresses increase as the treads wear out irregularly.


We are approaching the winter tyre change . Summer tyres, if in good condition, how should they be kept? Many tyre dealers offer a storage service, useful for those who do not have adequate storage space. Otherwise, you need a constantly ventilated, dry and cool room.

Never leave the tyres under direct sunlight or bad weather. Nor leave them stacked in a horizontal position for months.

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