Month: November 2018

Winter Shopping List for Your Car

In this article, we’re going to focus on giving you some extra tips on the things that you should get for your car this winter. Anti-freeze liquids, tyres or new set of windscreen wipers are not the only things to put on your shopping list.

Winning the war with winter requires the supply of few other components like a window scraper and a snow brush. A snow shovel is useful if you find ourselves stranded in one spot for too long. Also, do not forget about the battery cables as your battery may give up on you unexpectedly one day.

If you want to quickly get rid of the ice and frost from windows, special defrosters and anti-icing products are available. You can also use a special cover for the front and side windows. However, some drivers find this step a bit fiddly and troublesome to follow. In that case, you may want to try a slightly less effective, but simpler solution. Try covering the windshield with a piece of cardboard.

Speaking of anti-freeze liquids and lubricants, don’t forget about getting a defroster for your door locks if you happen to drive an older car.

If you have planned further road trips during this winter, do not forget about bringing little gadgets with you as well. Items like a flashlight, blanket and thermos with hot drink inside are like your little, indispensable helpers on the road.

Make sure to fill up your car and never drive with less than half a tank.

With today’s cars, it is not recommended to warm up the cold engine at a standstill.

After igniting the engine, leave as soon as possible, so that the car can warm up while on the move.

Take special precautions if you get stuck in a long, winter traffic jam. In this situation, the car can quickly lose the right temperature. It is advisable to limit the heating so that the heat from the engine is not entirely transferred into the interior of the cabin.

In order to save the battery, in emergency situations, it is worth giving up the use of such facilities as rear window heating, mirrors and armchairs. Adjusts those settings accordingly.

Once you reach your destination don’t forget to avoid using your manual hand-break, otherwise you may not be able to release it the next day. Try to park on a even surface if possible.

Last but not least, wear proper clothes and bring with you some extras like sunglasses, scarf and good pair of winter gloves.

As always, stay safe on the road and be mindful of others.

Steel Wheels or Alloy Wheels for Winter

As the winter season approaches, many drivers are faced with the same dilemma of replacing summer tyres with winter tyres. But that’s not all. Drivers also have to take into consideration the type of rims they should use each winter – aluminium or steel?

Many drivers are opposed using aluminium rims due to unwanted corrosion and premature wear of the aluminium rims caused by chemical reaction with salt, grit and other chemicals used for de-icing the roads by de-icer trucks.

Yet, on the other hand, rust can also affect steel rims too. What’s really important to understand during this comparison is the production process involved in manufacturing both aluminium and steel rims.

Aluminium rims are usually going through a three-stage post-production process during which anti-corroding undercoat is applied to the moulded surface first, followed by the right selection of coloured lacquer and lastly application of transparent coating is added for extra colour protection of the rim. This production technique increases the rim’s resistance to corrosion.

On the contrary, steel rims typically receive fewer layers of protective lacquer/coating, making them more vulnerable and prone to faster corrosion. In terms of the material strength – modern, good quality aluminium rims tend to be more resistant to mechanical damage.

So the question is what rims should you use this winter?


It all depends on the winter conditions in your area or your holiday plans this winter i.e. going skiing in Alpes.

If you already have both types of rims in your garage at your disposal, the only thing you have to worry about is the proper maintenance of your rims during the winter season.

It involves getting the right cleaning and protective products for your aluminium or steel rims and using them whenever there’s a visible build-up of dirt and mud.

If you don’t neglect this process, your rims are going to serve you well for many years to come.

If you don’t own aluminium rims but seriously consider buying and using them during winter periods,  avoid buying cheap ones as they may not survive harsh conditions due to their low build quality and may pose serious threat on the road. Also pay closer attention to the pattern used on those rims. Simple in design (i.e. 5-arm rims) without any fancy polishing and chrome applications are the way to go.

Last but not least, when the winter season is over, make sure to clean and store all your rims in optimal conditions.

Enjoy riding this winter!

Four Tips for Tyre Maintenance & Storage

Cars on the market are increasingly technological and equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. But for how much technology they can feature, road safety is always a matter of tyres . For this they must be of quality, in the first instance, and subjected to a careful and constant maintenance. According to a European survey, 85.7% of road accidents in European countries were preceded by a slowdown . If the correct functioning of the braking system is essential, it is extremely important that the tyre conditions are optimal. Otherwise, the chances of a claim increase. But it is not just a matter of safety: regular maintenance will increase the life of your tyres, thus guaranteeing savings over time.

Here are 4 simple tips to keep the tyres of your car in good shape .


The maintenance of the tyre starts with checking the tread , whose thickness must never go below 1.6 mm . Below this threshold, the tread grip is no longer optimal (therefore the braking distance is longer) and can increase aquaplaning in the event of rain.When the tyre reaches this thickness, it must be replaced immediately with a newer model.


Pressure is another factor that must be monitored every month to protect the tyres from premature wear. Inadequate pressure, too high or too low, can damage the tyres and even be the first indicator of millimeter punctures .

Additionally, it increases fuel consumption (when the pressure is low) and reduces the life of the tyres (if too high).

When checking monthly, it is recommended to check the status of the spare wheel too.


Another important aspect for the life of the tyres is a correct balancing .

This operation must be performed every time one or more tyres are replaced. Otherwise, vibrations and stresses increase as the treads wear out irregularly.


We are approaching the winter tyre change . Summer tyres, if in good condition, how should they be kept? Many tyre dealers offer a storage service, useful for those who do not have adequate storage space. Otherwise, you need a constantly ventilated, dry and cool room.

Never leave the tyres under direct sunlight or bad weather. Nor leave them stacked in a horizontal position for months.