Safety Tips for Driving in the Summer

Summer means higher volumes of traffic into the roads and particularly on motorways. Regardless of whether you are planning a short day-trip or a long-journey, you might want to take a few steps in order to drive you and your loved ones to your final destinations safely.


Before you go

Ask yourself: is your car ready for the journey? If it’s not or you are not sure, take a look at our articles Is Your Car Ready for the Summer? And Car Maintenance Tips for the Summer.


On the road

There are a number of boxes that, if ticked, they will certainly improve the safety and comfort of your road trip. Here’s some:

  • Always use seat belts & the correct restraint/booster seat for your child
  • Leave early or later to avoid the rush
  • Keep a safe distance – use the two second rule
  • If you’re tired, stop & take a break – even for just 10 minutes
  • Don’t drink & drive
  • Don’t use a hand held mobile phone when driving
  • ALWAYS expect the unexpected!

We feel particular attention needs to be paid if children and / or pets are among the passengers in your car. Specifically:


Summer driving with children

Long car trips with children can be the stuff of nightmares. Here are some ideas to help you arrive safe and still in the holiday mood:

  • Take turns driving & looking after the kids with your partner so that the driver can just concentrate on the driving
  • Bring along some in car entertainment. Books, Magnetic Games, Story Tapes or even a DVD, but avoid distracting the driver
  • Play games – Number plate game, count the red cars, eye spy, etc
  • Take breaks – everyone will benefit from some fresh air & a stretch of the legs
  • Bring along snacks and water/drinks
  • Don’t forget some wet wipes!


Summer driving with Pets

Make your pet travel experience enjoyable by following these simple, common sense tips:

  • Never leave a pet unattended in a car during the summer
  • Bring plenty of water with you & something for your pet to drink from
  • Pets should always be suitably restrained while the car is moving
  • Don’t allow your dog to put its head out of the car while it is moving

No matter where you are going or who you’re sharing your trip with, the choice of your tyres can literally go a long way. By choosing Zeetex tyres you will make sure both yourself and your loved ones will have a comfortable and safe journey to the Summer destination of your dreams.

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