Is Your Car Ready for the Summer?

Whether you are planning a long or short trip by car, the coming of the Summer is always a good time for doing a bit of maintenance for the car.

It’s easier for you to get ready for the Summer than it is for your car. OK, maybe there is a little diet involved but that aside your car will definitely require more than pulling out your tank top, bathing suit of flip flops.

Summer car maintenance is critically important. That’s why we want to give you a list of things to look at

Some of the items on the list can be checked by yourself, while others might need the assistance of a mechanic. If you are not sure, it’s always best to pay a visit to your local garage and get the car checked out.

Coolant System

As you would probably expect, both your car’s coolant and radiator do a lot of overtime in the Summer. The coolant system keeps your car from overheating but also guards it against corrosion and lubricates your water pump.

Checking your coolant system means checking your radiator, water pump, cooling fans and the likes. You certainly don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road because you neglected to service your coolant system and the engine overheated.


It’s common for batteries to fail when in the presence of sudden changes from hot to cold weather and vice versa. Batteries have a liquid which evaporates during hot temperatures. As a result, the battery life gets shorter. It’s also very important that you get your battery checked, if you want to avoid any unpleasant surprise before or during your Summer holidays.


Checking the tyres means checking the tread. Poor tyre treads negatively influence your car stopping distance and overall maneuverability. It’s also good practice to rotate your tyres and often check their pressure as sudden changes in the temperature can cause your tyres to lose pressure more quickly.

It goes without saying that when it comes to tyres, it’s also vitally important choosing the right ones. If you are looking for high-quality summer tyres at an affordable price, Zeetex tyres are very popular with many motorists. Particularly, you should check out Zeetex HP 2000vfm.

Its reinforced design gives more resistance and wide transverse grooves helps in overall aerodynamics.

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